Monday, March 28, 2011

NC 5th Grade Science EOG

I just put together all of my vocabulary mats (study/review strategy) for our  5th grade science units in NC. Teachers in NC prepping for the science EOG might want to download this from teacherspayteachers as a pack instead of having to download all 4 vocabulary mats separately. What is a vocabulary mat? It’s a spin on the old flash card study strategy. Instead of having answers on the back of their cards, students have a vocab mat that stays as one sheet of paper that includes a set of related vocabulary words. Students also have a sheet of definitions that they cut apart and place onto the vocabulary mats as a study/review strategy.

Units include: Landforms, Ecosystems, Weather, Force and Motion/Simple Machines.
Here's a preview of the packet:
All Vocabulary Mats-for-NC-5th-Grade-Science-EOG-study-strategy


  1. I clicked your link above to find the 5th grade packet, but it wasn't there. I only saw 2 individual packets?

    1. Hi! Thanks for your interest. This post was from when we were using the older standard course of study and have now switched to NC Essential standards. I do have a number of vocabulary mats for our new 5th grade standards though, including Conservation and Transfer of Energy, Force and Motion, Weather, and Ecosystems. I also have a set for some of our 4th grade standards (Phases of the Moon and Landforms). You can find the full list here:



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