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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 2 for Tuesday: Save 10%

The TOP 2 for TUESDAY items this past week were:

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Word Problems (Cupcake Shoppe Themed Task Cards)  10 % off TODAY ONLY

If you like these, you should check out the Area House Plans themed cards for more practice with multiplying and dividing fractions. We are using these right now in our real-world math station.

Words Their Way Within Word Pattern Spellers Word Searches 10 % off TODAY ONLY 

(The other two sets of word searches have been selling like crazy too! Grab them up to make your word study more fun and add another level of word-pattern recognition for your students)

These products were also hot-hot-hot this past week. Check them out if you have not seen them yet.
Adding/Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators (Candy Shop Themed Task Cards)

Force and Motion Simple Machines Vocabulary Match Up Mats (lots of other science mats to check out)
 Theme in Literature Common Core Bulletin Board Labels (and list of books by theme)

Be sure to stop by later this week for an announcement about a new blog series I am starting. Math, common core, can't wait!!!!! :)

Also, I know you are crazy, super, insane busy (I mean it's January almost February right?), but have you joined the 2013 clutter-free classroom challenge yet? I would love for you to join in so that we can all help each other de-clutter and "Free Up" some sanity in our busy minds. It's week 3, but nevah-evah-evah too late to join :) I did one small thing today related to organizing and clutter and it made me smile. (I'll share later). 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everything's 10% off: Top 2 for Tuesday

You read it right! Since I haven't throw a sale (pre-winter break), I thought I would get back into the swing of offering two products at 10% off by having an "everything is 10% off sale TODAY and TOMORROW.

Top Two for Tuesday. Everything is 10 % off TODAY and TOMORROW. That's a mouthful of t's :)


During this sale, you might want to check out some new things I have worked on in the past month. (All Common Core Math Products).

(includes 24 multi-step word problems (on task cards), house plan "area" activity, and 4 multi-step extension problems)
(8 basic capacity conversion task cards, 24 multi-step task cards, list of Farmer Wayne and Jane's goods and how they packaged them, 8 multi-step task cards that require students to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division to solve
(32 multiplying and dividing fractions task cards, Cupcake Shoppe Payroll problems (multiplying whole number/decimal), 4 Cupcake Shoppe Boxed Order Questions-modeling multiplication)

(16 adding and subtracting fractions (unlike denoms) task cards, 16 adding and subtracting fractions representational model problem)
All task card products include information for the teacher, student recording sheets, and answer keys. 

I hope you get to pick up some goodies at this sale! My kiddos are using the House Plan task cards right now in our real-world station and we used the Farmers' Market task cards this week to learn about Capacity and Weight.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 2 For Tuesday

Two great TOP items on sale at 10% off today:

The runner up most downloaded product was my Common Core Math Exploration for Multiplication (4.NBT.B7 and 5.NBT.B7).
This product contains over 33 pages to support your exploration of multiplying with whole numbers. The exploration contains teacher direction/lesson pages for display on the smartboard

Common Core Explorations are designed to meet the Standards for Mathematical Practices. The chart above shows the mathematical practices touched on by some of the multiplication product pages. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 2 for Tuesday (Save 10%)

This week, my most downloaded product was:
(Wouldn't it be nice if I got the other products finished? :) I edited my Factors/Prime Factorization product this weekend and am working on the finishing touches). Make sure to follow my store to see when I upload a new Math Exploration.

This product contains over 33 pages to support your exploration of multiplying with whole numbers. The exploration contains teacher direction/lesson pages for display on the smartboard

and student pages for math journals
My second most downloaded product was my Within Word Pattern Word Study Word Searches.
Happy week! I'm hoping to get a Monday's Minilesson Magic in later this week. I have a great lesson to share with archetypes/character roles with a freebie. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 for Tuesday 10% Off

This past week, my two best sellers were:

My Character Traits Definition Cards--for the third week in a row. Can you believe it? (I can! This has been my best-seller by far) :) In this product, you get more than the 48 character trait cards. You get these in a word doc as you see below, you get a powerpoint file with one word/definition/clip art per page (perfect for pulling up on a smartboard or for printing on cardstock to post in the room), and you get a handy 9-paged activities packet where you can have students sort the words into negative/positive adjectives, describe the character of their book, use the words to describe themselves, sort the words into "describes my character/does not describe my character," and more.
Great Feedback!

I love this feedback! How nice!
My second most downloaded product is....

This packet contains 14 different nonfiction/informational templates, graphic organizers, reading strategies, and bookmarks for a total of 17 pgs worth of nonfiction supports. Here's a snapshot of the big idea house that shows students how to build the main idea from the ground up...details, details, details, then main idea. 

Have a LOVELY Tuesday. And if you want, pick up these two products for 10% off today only!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 2 For Tuesday and 10% Off

I thought it would be kind of cool/interesting for me to start taking a look at my top two products sold each week. To make it alliterative (is there any other way to go? ? :), I thought it would be fun to look at my Top 2 on Tuesdays for something I'm calling "2 for Tuesdays." Here are the "winners" this past week:

My Character Trait Vocabulary Cards

And I had 4 products tie at 2nd place with the same number of purchases:


To say thank you to my bloggy followers, I have also put these products on sale for 10% off until Wednesday night. I will continue to do  this for my Top 2 for Tuesday most purchased products! I hope you are able to grab one of these at 10% off! 

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