Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 for Tuesday 10% Off

This past week, my two best sellers were:

My Character Traits Definition Cards--for the third week in a row. Can you believe it? (I can! This has been my best-seller by far) :) In this product, you get more than the 48 character trait cards. You get these in a word doc as you see below, you get a powerpoint file with one word/definition/clip art per page (perfect for pulling up on a smartboard or for printing on cardstock to post in the room), and you get a handy 9-paged activities packet where you can have students sort the words into negative/positive adjectives, describe the character of their book, use the words to describe themselves, sort the words into "describes my character/does not describe my character," and more.
Great Feedback!

I love this feedback! How nice!
My second most downloaded product is....

This packet contains 14 different nonfiction/informational templates, graphic organizers, reading strategies, and bookmarks for a total of 17 pgs worth of nonfiction supports. Here's a snapshot of the big idea house that shows students how to build the main idea from the ground up...details, details, details, then main idea. 

Have a LOVELY Tuesday. And if you want, pick up these two products for 10% off today only!


  1. Hi! How do I get the 10% off? It doesn't have that offered on the teacherspayteachers site. Thanks. :)

    1. Hi, 2 for Tuesday was a special that I ran for one day of the week. This 10% sale has already ended, but thanks for checking out this post and my blog!



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