Thursday, April 19, 2012

Super Awesome Totally Fabulous Free Math Resource K-5

Tomorrow is really Friday! And if you are like me, you are working on test prep and review right now. I thought this nine weeks would give me some downtime because my kiddos are so capable...needless to say, I am using my downtime to revise my plans based on what happened that day. (Of course!)

As you get ready for next week, I thought you might LOVE these problem solving powerpoints as much as I do. They are from Cumberland County, NC and aligned to our NC EOG, but they cover all math concepts in the NCTM (Numbers and Operations, Data and Graphing, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry) and have been created for K-5 and divided into 9 weeks. (or if you are like me, you are also fantasizing about next year when things will be different, better, magical--so go ahead and download for the future).

The best part of these powerpoints is that although they can be used for test prep, they include multiple choice, short answer, and "task" based questions. The questions can be used in multiple ways--problem of the day, centers, for fast finishers, as "test prep" like questions, displaying on the smartboard, tutoring, etc. My suggestion is you download them now to your files before they disappear (hope this doesn't happen, but we are shifting to common core!). To use for fast finishers, I printed them off one problem per page.

PS-I don't teach in Cumberland County, just found their awesome resource!

Happy counting, multiplying, and finding common denominators! :)

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