Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A little progress update--Clutter Free Classroom

In Week 3's challenge of the clutter free classroom, we begin purging.

The first suggestion is to pick one area of the room to start in and move clockwise. My ADD self is going to have trouble with this, and I might just break this rule for a while...actually I already have!?!?! This week, I started with two of my biggies that I knew how to get going on--my storage cabinet and my file cabinets. Neither of these are finished, but I have made a little progress in the little amount of time I was able to spend on them this week.

Here are the after shots:
Storage Cabinet: Notice the areas that have not yet been dealt with. It was time for the kiddos that were helping me to leave and time for me to go home :) but this leaves us something to work on this week.
I had a few aha moments while organizing my games and puzzles. Why do I need the boxes for chess and check boards? So, we put the game pieces into ziploc bags that are now stored in the shoe organizer and put the game boards neatly on the bottom shelf. I had the same aha with my United States puzzles, so we took those pieces and put them into ziploc bags. Now, my kiddos RARELY use these, maybe once a year, but they are so necessary towards the end of the year when we have down-time (after EOG's, after field day, when they are just too restless to follow directions).

Nice! I cut that baby in half, and I didn't even think it was possible.

So that's my progress for two short afternoons of work---a nearly organized cabinet and ONE organized file drawer. I also cleared out one entire drawer of my other file cabinet that I am aiming to get rid of...I didn't take a picture for you, but close your eyes and just imagine a metal filing cabinet, drawer open, and NOTHING INSIDE! :) Bliss!

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  1. Good for you! I am in the same process of decluttering. Doesn't it make you smile opening the newly cleaned out file cabinet drawers?




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