Sunday, October 7, 2012

Technology Public Service Announcement

Huge sad-face :( Yesterday my computer got a virus.

First, I got one of those alerts that says a site is dangerous. How could that be? I had used that website a million times before to plan lessons.

Then, I got about 25 pop up windows. So as I'm trying to figure out whether or not this mess is serious and closing all of the pop up windows, I go to my email to attach a file that I will need for school tomorrow. All of a sudden, it looks like I have NO DOCUMENTS, no programs, no pictures. What in the world? At some point, my computer decided to shut itself down and then proceeded to get stuck on the black screen that comes after the dell logo at startup. Crap-crap-crap. My response to situations like this is to sit and wait, keep doing the same thing over and over crossing my fingers for a different result. Then, I got on my smartphone and googled the issues I was having. I was directed to hit F-12 a bunch of times at the dell logo. Cross fingers--no luck. Nothing changed. But of course my response was to turn the computer off and then try this again and again. Finally, I decided I needed an expert and headed to Best Buy for the Geek Squad. it my luck. Thursday I was just thinking about how it would probably be a good idea to back up my files...just in case....

The geek squad will be able to fix my computer, but I could potentially lose my files. (I think they tell everyone this because they try to push a $150 extra fee for backing up the files before they start to mess with the computer). Since I was already paying $200 for the Geek Squad, I decided I will take my chances. (But I do live in this fantasy world where my files will definitely still be there when they return my computer on Wednesday, so cross your fingers for me.)

I must say that although the inconvenience of not having computer access at home has been tough (no pinterest, no checking the bank account, no ease of responding to emails, no creating of classroom materials to use this week, no seeking out ideas for planning more, etc.), I did get quite a few things done around the house today and the kitchen is clean. It's kind of making me think about starting a "NO COMPUTER" day once a week where I just completely make myself unplug. Could you do it? No checking bloggy world, no pinteresting, no responding to email after leaving school, no checking TPT stats...

So, bear with me in bloggy world. I will have a Monday's Minilesson Magic for you tomorrow and Tuesday's Top 2. And, take it from me, BACK UP YOUR FILES NOW!!! and then make sure you are not a cheap-skate like me and go ahead and pay for anti-virus software. (Oh yeah, did I mention that? My antivirus software expired about 2 years ago and I just kept ignoring the command to update it...what a cheapo-can I say I will never do that again? And I will back up my files at least once a month?)


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