Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Week Top 2 For Tuesday

Alright, it's been a crazy run for a few weeks now, but by golly, I'm gonna make it slow down a little as we round out the quarter in a few weeks.

I failed to post a Top 2 for Tuesday last week and will make up for it this week. The following items are "flying off of my shelves." Don't worry--you don't have to camp out at 4pm or days ahead to get these deals. The supplies are endless and the utility of these products will not diminish.

  The TOP product for the past two weeks was:

The runner up most downloaded product was my Common Core Math Exploration for Multiplication (4.NBT.B7 and 5.NBT.B7).
This product contains over 33 pages to support your exploration of multiplying with whole numbers. The exploration contains teacher direction/lesson pages for display on the smartboard
Common Core Explorations are designed to meet the Standards for Mathematical Practices. The chart above shows the mathematical practices touched on by some of the multiplication product pages. 

And, did you know that I finally uploaded another Common Core Math Exploration? My new Math Exploration focuses on strategies for identifying all factors in a number and how to use prime factorization for this concept.  (Operations and Algebraic Thinking 4.OA.B.4)
  This exploration includes 10 teacher pages (like below) and 20 student 1/2 sheets for math journals.

Each of these products will be on sale for 10% off starting now and all day Tuesday! Happy Shopping this week (for teacher things and of course for yourself!)

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