Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peek at My Week: Math Review, Human Body, Force and Motion

I'm linking up again for a Peek at My Week with  Deedee.
If you already checked out my plans for last week, I have updated them and moved things around to represent what we actually did. (You will notice I made changes with the Human Body Systems lessons and included links for the videos I used during reader's workshop to help students understand the body systems before they researched through reading. I also included what we discussed for morning meeting--this cannot always be planned the week before. Often, our topic comes from what we did the day before).This will probably be an obsession of mine--updating my posts to show my actual plans versus my projected plans. :) There's just never enough time for me to get ahead!

Ms. Nelson is Missing Video (by Kindergartners found on Deedee's blog)--Too Stinking Cute not to use for Morning Meeting!)
Good Information for the confusing parts of Force and Motion (velocity, speed, and motion)

Bumper Car Physics
Roller Coasters: Build Your Own

Links to Products I am using this week:
Character Traits Definitions/Bulletin Board Posters

Force and Motion Illustrated Dictionary (Tarheelstate Teacher)
Bowling Ball Basics (FREE from Mrs. Kaiser, another NC teacher)
Math Common Core Assessments (Jennifer Findley)
Math Common Core Test Prep Helper (Jennifer Findley)
Cupcake Shoppe Multiply/Divide Fractions Problems (Tarheelstate Teacher)

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions with Area (House Plan Theme) (Tarheelstate Teacher)

Have a great week! I hope to get time to share something else this week too, even if it is just a photo dump! :)


  1. Wow! :) Your week is jam packed with good stuff! :) I am teaching force and motion too! :) Just to firsties, instead of to big kids like you! :) We've been talking about fractional parts all year, but we will formally tackle them in another week or so...eek! :/ Wish us luck! :) Thanks for sharing your plans! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tamara. It freaks me out that we have the exact same name! (First and Last.) If you taught 5th, that would be really creepy :)

  2. I am WOWED by your lesson plans that you shared. Mine look so drab compared to yours. Actually, mine look pretty blank at this point! :)

    29 days left and so much still left to cover. I don't think I paced myself too well this first year in history with 5/6 grade. And might be teaching 6th all subjects next year so I'm thinking this summer is going to be busy......

    I Run Read Teach

    1. Thanks Shannon! It is really nice to be able to double up in science right now since we are not launching a huge writing project. (Writing is kind of the thing that we allow ourselves flexibility with during 4th quarter for testing time. This is the time of the year when I don't want to start too much because I will just get stressed about getting it all done. It has been awesome to do so many {simple} science activities with the human body systems. Just wish I could get more hard work out of my kiddos during math time!

  3. I am so excited to see another 5th grade teacher that is doing visual lesson plans. I want to try this out for next week... awesome job!!

    1. Thanks Sandy. I hope you do link up! My favorite part of these plans (having linked up for 2 weeks now) is how easy it is for me to go to my blog, click on the plans, and run my class from the google doc--since everything is hyperlinked, I don't have to search all over or have another way to get myself the links. My only negative is that I wish I had an easier way to modify things when I make changes or when I add things to my plans later in the week. I don't like any options in google docs for formatting my lesson plans. But, next year, I am so excited to do this all year long and have better records of what we did.

  4. Your visual plans are wonderful! Very easy to read and see how much learning is happening!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thanks Lori. My plans seem choppy to me (or maybe to free), but this is the one time of the year that I can get down and dirty to get things done. Thanks for stopping by!



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