Sunday, July 14, 2013

Peek at My Week~Back to School Tomorrow!!

It's finally time! 
Here's a peek at my upcoming week! 

Farley’s Currently for the Classroom for JULY (I plan to use Currently every month this year! These will be great assignments to post in the hallway and I think Kiddos will love to see what was happening for them month to month.
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have fallen in love with morning meeting. Last year, I tried to squeeze it in from 8-8:15, but this year, I want to give it more time on the schedule, so I have blocked off 8-8:25. I have also begun working on a "Year's Worth of Morning Meeting Themes and Ideas" so that teachers can have a morning meeting resource ready for the whole year. This is going to take a little while to complete, but what you see above are the themes I am introducing this week. Basically, I want to have a quote, key words w/ definitions, read alouds, and videos/modern songs to match each morning meeting theme. In the future, we will focus on one theme for a week, however, I plan to introduce 5 important "beginning of the year" themes this week and spiral back to them in following weeks. I hope to get to belonging, kindness, perseverance, and legacy during this week's morning meetings.

Here's a peak at my morning meeting bulletin/display boards. I love the clothespins because I can just take down an old theme and put a new one up. (I also plan to have a display board in the room of past themes so that they stay on our minds). By the end of the week, we will definitely have identified a few classroom goals.
In addition to focusing on a theme per week, students will also have "Morning Meeting" journals this year. This will hold their reflections on the quotes we talk about and reflections on their personal goal setting. Who knows what else will end up in these notebooks--I'm sure we will have some classroom issues that need to be solved, so our brainstorms will also go in these notebooks. Basically, morning meeting is a therapeutic time to focus on being better human beings. I CAN'T WAIT to start our mornings like this! This week I will introduce each theme with a read aloud:
Launching Reader's Workshop Plans:
The goals for reader's workshop are simple this week. We won't have a ton of time to launch the full workshop with independent reading, but we will:
-learn about ourselves as readers (and share that with the teacher)
-discuss how to have our best reading life ever
-learn how to use our classroom library by understanding how it is organized
-set up our book bins with books that we are interested in reading
-set up our reader's workshop journals
-identify a book that is an "old favorite" and a book that we abandoned or struggled to read last year (won't this assignment give you sooo much info about your readers?) These books will be important in two future lessons I plan to do
-leave school with a "just right" book
-learn to set ambitious goals for our daily reading lives

Monday: Quick review of what it means for a book to be "just right;" explore classroom library and discuss how it is organized (maybe split class in half to work with two small groups and then come together to discuss these topics)
Tuesday: Read Alouds Aunt Chip; "I read Because sheet"; discuss ideal reading space and encourage students to create this space at home tonight
Wednesday: Aunt Chip; T-Chart: Reading is the best for me when/I don't enjoy reading when
Thursday: That Book Woman- How to Choose a Just Right book, finding books we love
Friday: Richard Wright and the Library Card (reading is a gift; people in the past have had to fight hard to receive this gift)

After lunch, we have a 20 minute block before we go to specials. I plan to do the following "fun" read alouds during this time.
When the kids return from specials, we are going to spend a lot of time on our first chapter book read aloud: Wonder by RJ Palacio. And, then we are going to organize all of our notebooks and materials.
Math and Writing will be my two subject areas that take a little while to get started. At some point, we will cover/decorate our writers notebooks and do at least a few journals/lists of writing ideas/etc. In math, I will definitely do some multiplication facts games to see who needs to study more and perhaps we will do something with our Common Core Math Mathematical practices, which we call norms.

It is a BUSY week for sure!! Are you exhausted yet? If you are still on break, lucky ducks! Although, I am pretty excited to get back into the swing of things and to enjoy this first week of school excitement!


  1. What incredible ideas - you've put so much thought into your week! Can't wait to see your morning meeting packet :)

    The Sweetest Thing
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  2. I can't wait to see your morning meeting packet. Thanks for sharing your plans. Love your ideas, especially for readers workshop.

  3. Here's to a fabulous first week back to school! Thanks for sharing your ideas!! (I always hate the first week back due to lack of structures and routines. Blah. LOL)

  4. Looking forward to your Morning Meeting packet. I did Currently all last year with my Middle Schoolers. They loved it! They actually reminded me, "Hey! It's a new month! Don't we do Currently?" Loved it!


  5. LOVE your blog and all your ideas! I just nominated you for the Leibster Award. Head on over to my blog for instructions. Happy to follow you!



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