Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weather and Climate: Meteorology Handbook

I just completed another "labor of love." You know when I say that, I really mean "It was a heck of a lot of work to put this together and finalize it." Alas though, we are in the midst of launching our weather unit and I thought since my Human Body Systems Encyclopedia and my Force and Motion Illustrated Dictionary are such a hit with students, why not put all of our Weather and Climate vocabulary into one handbook. I know students will love the opportunity to create illustrations.

The download includes 10 Handbook pages and the nifty coverpage. What concepts are included? Glad you asked :)

Pg 3: Coverpage
Pg 4: Left intentionally blank
Pg 5: Meteorologist Photograph (students can draw themselves as a meteorologist)
Pg 6: “Introduction to Weather” vocabulary words
Pg 7: “Weather Tools”
Pg 8: “The water Cycle”
Pg 9: “Types of Clouds”
Pg 10: “Introduction to Climate”
Pg 11: “Global wind Patterns”
Pg 12: “Weather Phenomena”
Pg 13: “Types of Fronts”
Pg 14: “Describing Weather”
Pg 15: “Reading a Weather Map”

I hope to check in later this week to share a few more {free}weather resources and ideas with you. Happy teaching!


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