Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowman Personalities~End of 9 Weeks Sanity!

Friday was our last day!!!! Now we have three weeks of intercession and I am looking forward to planning time, reading at my luxury, working out (well maybe not looking forward to it....but...), and general time to myself!

How did we make it through Friday with all of the excitement of the holiday season and our looming intercession? Well, I held out my Snowman Personalities project until the afternoon. Earlier in the week, students completed their word research (looking for definitions, synonyms, antonyms, etc).

On Friday, students got their Snowman Character Profile and the snowman drawing template.
Here are two good examples of the work students did.

With more time, students can create stories about their character, but with us running out of time at the end of the quarter, finishing reading, writing, and math assessments, I was happy to have the time for them to explore their word, analyze their character using the questionnaire, and design a snowman.

I served hot cocoa, candy canes, and sugar cookies as part of our Snowman treats; it was a great way to wrap up the quarter and spend the afternoon. Creativity, sugar, and entertained students...who could ask for more?

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