Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Wow! It has not been a "bloggy year" for me. It has actually been a super tough teaching year for me. I decided to move to a new school for this school year--a charter school in NC and with this position, I have a grade level change coming up too, 5th down to 4th. If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I have looped to 4th twice in my teaching career, so this upcoming year won't be foreign to me, but it will be the first time I have taught 4th grade common core standards. I'm actually super excited. The best part is----I have had the summer off for the first time in 9 years!!! My old school was a year-round school and they started back in July! I have had a much needed extra month or more than normal and have had time to recharge my teacher brain. I have been mapping out the year, plugging in resources, and wishing I had time to blog. I have given my new room a makeover and can't wait to reveal the before and after pictures {maybe some time next week?!?!}

Have you been shopping the TPT sale? I have all day!!!! I have been going through the cycle~~purchase, leave feedback, earn credits, purchase more! Don't forget to use the TPT discount {BTS14} for an additional 10% off the 20% sale that most of us have put on our store. I have grabbed up some major helpers for the year, especially for my math curriculum! So excited!!!

Here's a few of the products from my own store that are great for back-to-school~~I would even call them ~critical~...I have already prepped these resources to begin my new year!


I also have tons of math task cards. (I use task cards at least two days out of the week in my math workshop! <3)

Check out my store and see if there's a goodie that you want to grab on sale! And, I can't wait to blog more this year!!! :) Back to school posts and an exciting new product coming soon!!!!
<3 tamaralynn

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