Tuesday, February 24, 2015

~Morning Meeting Individual Sets~

Now available! I have uploaded individual materials for my Morning Meeting Made Easy Set # 1 and Set # 2. Remember that TpT's Teachers are Heroes sale starts tomorrow and these will be discounted too!
Although you may purchase my morning meeting themes as individual resources, I highly recommend purchasing them in Sets. In order for these themes to gain momentum, multiple themes should be implemented in the classroom. I have found it extremely valuable to consistently implement multiple themes because I find the nuances between them allow for great connections between texts, conversations, and the generalizations {big ideas} we make in our discussions. In life, words and concepts are often used interchangeably, but each has it's own definition~kindness and compassion for example, perseverance and achievement, etc. I loved moving from Belonging (it's a freebie!) to Kindness and then to Compassion. These are also found in my set # 1 bundle together (and the belonging theme set still comes through as a freebie with the price).

Another {BIG} reason to plan a trajectory to implement multiple themes is to help develop students' understanding of themes that are found in literature. The Teacher Overviews for each theme include at least 5 suggested picturebooks (suggested songs and video resources are also  provided for most of the themes!). These units lend themselves to comparing and contrasting multiple texts on the same theme. For example, during our belonging unit, we found that characters often try to change themselves to fit in or belong, however this rarely worked out to give them the belonging they wanted. Other times, if the "outcasted" character saved the day, they got a huge sense of belonging. We talked about how that was a sweet way to end a picturebook, but real life doesn't always turn out that way. {Can you say POWERFUL messages for upper-elementary/middle school kiddos to be discussing and realizing?}

Morning Meeting Made Easy Set # 1
Morning Meeting Made Easy Set # 2
Morning Meeting BELONGING Freebie

Purchase Themes Individually:
Compassion Theme
Conflict Theme
Perseverance Theme
Kindness Theme
Compromise Theme
Happiness Theme
Achievement Theme
Individualism Theme
Integrity Theme

Common Core Connections:

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