Saturday, April 4, 2015

Yahoooooooo! Geometry!

I just updated one of my OLDEST PRODUCTS!!!!! Like, 5 years old, BABY! And I have to say, I am so glad I took the time to add more information to my Geometry Vocabulary Cards Product. This baby went from 13 pages to 25 and it's staying at the same price as it was!

I'm starting my Geometry unit on Monday so decided this was a great time to freshen up all of my Geometry resources. I hope to have the others updated this week! I hope you love this resource as I can't wait to use it with my 4th graders! My 5th graders LOVED the team competition we did with these vocabulary cards last year.

These 41 Geometry Vocabulary Terms aligned to 3rd-5th grade common core. Terms, a visual, and a written definition are included (for a total of 123 cards).
This set of Geometry Vocabulary cards can be used to provide students with multiple exposures to vocabulary terms and to offer them a study strategy for Geometry units and state assessments. I have included creative and fun ways for students to play with these cards and engage with the vocabulary terms. 
This resources also includes:
-Over 5 different activity and game ideas for utilizing the cards in your classroom (with cooperative groups, partners, stations, and independent activities-includes ideas for differentiation and scaffolding)
-Printing ideas that help you DIFFERENTIATE
-Common Core alignment
-6 pages that support the activity ideas
Don't forget, everything in my store is on Sale through Monday and tomorrow I'm announcing my GIVEAWAY contest! It's getting exciting UP-in-HerE! <3


  1. The videos look awesome! And this is perfect timing since I'll be teaching 4th grade math next year :)

  2. Yay! Kris, thanks for stopping by. I believe you mean the Preptoon animations giveaway. {} I think it's great to have them all because you can differentiation and provide your students with access to harder problems! I used the 6th grade set in 5th grade and loved the challenge and engagement. Good Luck on the giveaway!



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