Sunday, November 15, 2015

Two New Series at Tarheelstate Teacher

Over at, I'm breathing new life into some of the best posts found here at Life, Love, Literacy. I'm starting a new blog tradition called "Revisit and Revise" where I revisit and update posts from Life, Love, Literacy. First up, I'm revisiting some of my best tips from my Building a Reading Life series that I wrote in 2011. I have always believed that it is possible to help every child become a reader and I've always made it my personal goal to turn a "nonreader" around within the first two weeks of school. I hope you come along and join me as I share the best strategies and approaches I've used over the years to turn every child into a reader. 

I've also started a new math series called "ExtraOrdinary Math Hacks." My first math hack shows you how to take an ordinary worksheet and turn it into task cards. I've even shared a recording sheet that pushes students to go deeper when learning how to model and use different number forms in whole number place value. This engaging activity was two days worth of lessons and practice for my 4th graders. 

I hope you stop on by Tarheelstate Teacher, pick up some refreshed ideas, freebies, and decide to follow along! 

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