Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Shopping Linky Party--Cool Stuff for School

Yes, I too LOOOOOVE shopping for school supplies. I find myself going to walmart and target, ending up in the school supply aisles, just staring, not sure if I need anything, trying to wrack my brain to figure out if their is something I can justify buying, and then trying to make myself walk away because I am also trying to create a "clutter-free" classroom.  Then there's the dollar store and the temptation of all of those colorful plastic baskets!

Deflect-O Nine Canister Plastic Carousel OrganizerWell, in the spirit of de-cluttering and organizing my classroom, I finally broke down and purchased this desktop beauty. I procrastinated for a couple of months because I thought it was a little expensive, but also didn't want to pay shipping. Well, I found it on overstock.com and they had a free shipping promo! YIPPEE!!! Who knew overstock was a good place to buy school stuff? I only bought this because I knew I wanted it and didn't look at anything else, but it looks like overstock.com's school/office supply section needs further inspection! :)

Do you love this design as much as I do? I found contact paper at Carolina Pottery for 5.99. It's from a company called themacbethcollection . What did I use it for? OMG, swoon. I contact-papered my one and only file cabinet. It was such a huge makeover. I'm just going to love looking at it this year. (I'll upload real pictures in a few weeks when I return to school and have time to snap some of my makeovers). Well, this weekend I was at TJ Max, and they also have contact paper from the Macbeth Collection. I was kind of in "this stuff is going to run out if  I don't grab it...If you liked it once, buy it twice" mode, so I picked up this other cutesy design to use on my storage cabinet, again, a cheap 5.99 for visual pleasure.

Now, to write this post and find the designs I bought, I went to their website (which is on the product, enticing you to go check it out). Okay, be careful if you head over there... I almost passed out. This stuff is so beautiful...what else can I contact paper? They also have cute metal tubs, office supplies, and more. If I had visited the website, I probably would have sprung for some of the chevron designs. <3

My next purchase will be these lovely magnetic border strips for my extra whiteboard that I use as a bulletin board. So excited to put up this black border that will help section things off. It's at learning resources for $9.99. They have a few other designs to choose from. These things seem to be ALL THE RAVE looking at other teachers' summer purchases :)

Have you been summer shopping for back to school time? Head on over to Ladybug's Teacher Files to check out everyone's summer purchases and join Kristen's Summer Shopping Linky!  

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  1. Just dropping by from the Summer Shopping Linky Party. I can't wait to see a picture of your filing cabinet. I love that blue contact paper! :) I'm your newest follower. Drop by when you get the chance.

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,



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