Thursday, June 28, 2012

INSPIRED: Writing Goals Bulletin Board

Have you been following The Clutter Free Classroom's INSPIRED series? I am so excited to see the big reveal!

After seeing the Writing Goals Bulletin board, I knew I had to make my own. I am trying really hard this year to make my bulletin boards extra useful. It was hard to get going at first, but now that I'm rolling, I need more bulletin board and wall space! To make my statements (for conventions, grammar, etc), I looked through the common core standards all the way down to 1st grade and created "I can statements." The one on the board says "Use end sentence punctuation." I placed the rest in a slipcover and attached it to the board so that I don't lose them. I want to post each one as I talk about them in writer's workshop. Then, I am going to have students look at their writing samples from last year to decide which two statements they need to prioritize as personal goals and post their name beside of those two goals. I'm going to also place the cards in order of importance (end sentence punctuation and paragraphing will go first--can you believe some 5th graders still want to add paragraphs and punctuation after writing their whole piece...?!) I hope that having this board up (with another card beside of each statement) with student names attached to the goals will help them build independence. I love the "Without a reminder from my teacher" part :)

If you would like this file, I have uploaded it FREE on TPT.

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