Sunday, July 8, 2012

For the Love of Language--classroom materials ready!

I have been working on (and tweaking) my love of language materials for about a month now. I finally have the graphic organizers, student notebook covers, and bulletin board materials in a stage that I love and am EXCITED to use in my 2012-2013 classroom (only 1 week until the first day!)

Have I told you why I began thinking about implementing a "Love of Language" in my classroom this year? My "Love of Language" program was inspired by the Common Core State Standards. As I read through and studied the standards this year, I was hit with a strong conviction that the standards require a more strategic focus on word and language learning than my instruction thus far has included. Yes, I have done bits and pieces here and there--poetry units, content area vocabulary, a week on context clue strategies, one year of implementing "A Word a Week" consistently, minilessons on figurative vs literal language, etc. All of that doesn't sound very strategic does it?

It was kind of hit or miss--you know, focusing on interpreting language and how we learn words can be one of those things that constantly gets pushed to the side. Dedicating an entire day a week (I choose FRIDAYS! :) ) to language allows me to strategically set aside the time necessary for engaging my students in language lovin' and word learnin'. This is my way of doing what I feel will truly meet the language and vocabulary acquisition standards in the common core. It will ensure that students are not only exposed to these concepts, but are given multiple opportunities to master word learning strategies. The idea that I can get students to LOVE language is also exciting; through that focus, I will be creating learners who can use the skills they have learned to analyze language, infer word meaning, and teach themselves new things!

Want to Check it Out?
Here are a few samples of the Love of Language graphic organizers:

As I gear up for my NEW SCHOOL YEAR, I will be writing more about my "Love of Language" program plans, including sharing pictures of my "love of language" bulletin boards--they are on my workday "To Do" list for tomorrow :)

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