Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Common Core Math Must Haves

Today I am sharing with you resources I have found helpful for implementing the Common Core Math Standards. Lots of the materials below are freebies and the non-freebies are still cheap and well worth the money spent. I'm not usually one to save a PDF that's already online to my computer, but I thought many of these were so great that I had to put them in my Common Core math file so that  I don't forget about them and can use them for planning.

Standards for Mathematical Practice Rubric for Teachers: Check out this rubric to see where you are on the continuum as you teach and implement the CC through the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Flipbooks for K-12 from the KATM (Kansas Assoc of Teachers of Mathematics): These flipbooks are documents designed to help teachers understand the standards and includes instructional strategies and examples. It looks like each flipbook contains somewhere between 50-70 pages. (This is a download AND print resource for me :) 

Math Journals/Notebook Questions: 90 Questions aligned to CC. The sheets are made to print on labels so that students can stick the questions in their math journals. I LOVE these questions and how they often lead us to higher levels of thinking. We often modify these questions for our math assessments. Currently, these are available for K-5. These will run you ~10, but also poke around the site for lots of free activities and ideas. 

Utah Education Network: I have loved this site for YEARS, but now even more because their common core resources for math are awesome. Click on a grade and standard and you get a set of instructional strategies, assessment questions, games, and all sorts of ideas. We refer to these documents often during our PLCs to help us design lessons and assessments. 

Jennifer Findley's TeachersPayTeachers Resouces I am using Jennifer's task cards in my Concept Station and for review/small group lessons. I plan to use Decimal of the Day when we return from break (this will be spiral review since we have already learned about decimals) and then use Fraction of the Day 3rd nine weeks (another spiral review as I am teaching fractions 2nd 9 weeks.)

I have been working hard to understand the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The SfMP are important because they "describe the varieties of expertise that mathematics educators at all levels should be developing" in our students. While we have specific standards in each domain, we should be embedding the standards for mathematical practice in all that we do. I have created a free resource that summarizes the Standards for Mathematical Practice. (I needed this resource for myself to help me wrap my brain around the Standards for Mathematical Practice so I hope it is helpful to you too!) 

What special resources have you found for unwrapping Math in the Common Core? Let us know in the comments below :)


  1. I like Lindsey Perro's stuff on TpT and Runde's Interactive Math Journals. I also purchased Ginger's CC Math word wall cards because I felt my students are struggling with the vocabulary.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  2. April, thanks for sharing other great resources. I also LOVE Runde's math journals and ideas and I just checked out Lindsay's store and became a follower. She has a TON of resources :)

  3. Thanks for putting together this list! Some great resources. Just bought the Math Journals you linked to from K-5 Math Teaching Resources and printed them straight away on labels. Plan to use them over the next few weeks for test prep and then introduce them from week one next school year. Also downloaded a ton of free center activities from that website. Goldmine!

  4. Great! I am glad you found this list useful. I love the K-5 resources website and the math labels. Thanks for stopping by!



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