Saturday, September 29, 2012

NEW Words Their Way Word Searches-Derivational Relations Spellers


Remember about a YEAR ago when I made Word Searches for Words Their Way Syllables and Affixes Spellers and Within Word Pattern Spellers and promised to get the Derviational Relations Spellers word searches ready soon? (Ok, I just checked the post and it wasn't a whole year, just 9 months, so I shouldn't beat myself up so much :) Finally, I have them finished. I was highly motivated last night to get them finished because a TPT teacher/buyer asked if I had them finished yesterday AND because my collegue and I had just spent part of the day planning a word study schedule to group our kids together and share responsibility for the groups. Super excited about this! And of course we have a group in the blue book, so it will be SO NICE to already have the word searches ready to go for that group.
If you have these books, you probably call them like I do, "the red, the yellow, the green, the blue"--if you don't know about these books and need some help to de-stress word study OMG, run now to and check them out. I HIGHLY recommend the Words Their Way Sort Books. Before these books, I dreaded planning for word study and coming up with appropriate lists on my own, and usually gave up before the year was over. Now, I just assess the kids, identify their levels, group them into 4-5 groups, and grab the appropriate word sort book for them. To make my word study life much better, I also make copies of the word sorts kids will need for the nine weeks. (Of course, we might decide to move kids around, but it's so nice to go to the copier once and not have to think about word study every single week). The books also contain teacher directions for each lesson, example sorts, and anything the kids need to know about meaning or etymology.

If you are unfamiliar with Words Their Way, check out the foundational text by the same name. To see an example of the developmental spelling inventory, check out this tutorial from Pearsontraining

What do you get if you purchase the Word Searches? 
* You get two choices for word searches: 1/2 pages (you can have students glue into their word study notebooks) or 1 pg sheets that provide a 1/2 page students to record the words they find and sort them).
* a sample word study schedule (explaining how I do staggered groups/rotations and the activities that kids are doing each day)
* binder cover (like you see above)
* personal words recording sheet (for words missed on the weekly assessment)
* other word study tips

For more info, check the word searches out at my TPT store. I have got RAVE reviews in the comments sections, especially about being a huge time saver! :)

Happy weekend! I'm off to enjoy crock pot spaghetti and a 5 layered cookie dessert with the family! (It's an eating cheat day for me!!! :) Yay)

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