Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Purpose Games: Human Body System Links to Matching Games

Have you seen the website? I found it when I was planning for human body systems (but it has a million other concepts on it). Link this website NOW!!!!! I am especially excited about it because we will be 1-1 next year and with all of the concepts included (like 13 colonies), I will surely be able to find things for my students to practice daily. I love the idea of giving them 5 minutes at the beginning or end of each class period and watching them improve in their knowledge.

We are currently in the computer lab working on our Human Body System books. I took the time to link all of the following labeling games on my classroom website. (Lucky for you, if you want them, you should be able to copy them from my blog, paste them into your own website, and the hyperlinks will stay intact.)

Hope this website is a winner for your classroom! My kids are highly motivated to increase their accuracy percentages and reduce the time it takes them to complete the labeling. Happy Wednesday! 


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