Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Science Day Photo Blast!

Have you checked out my wacky week? It all started Monday with our Science Fun for Everyone Day.
Here are a few pics from our 3 sessions from today. (I have more, but they have kids in them and I just don't share their pics...I may have time to cover their faces later in the week. If so, I will update and share :) Now, I was totally off-focus today, so I'm not sure I can tell you everything they did! I had an IEP meeting for one hour of their sessions, then visited our book fair to choose my books.

Here goes....Sheep parts--see the brain, stomach, intestines, oh wow! I missed this part.
 Salt/Cell Experiment
 Cell goo...they got a little in a cup and put a fuzzy "nucleus" inside of the cell.
 Air pressure experiments: Can you fill the tube (made of grocery-bag-like plastic). You make it look full by applying pressure (pressing in) the ends. I also thought this would have been a great way to demonstrate/test students' lung capacity for Human Body Systems
 Newton's Law: You can hardly tell, but she is spinning a cup of water on a board attached to rope. No water spilled!
We LOOOOOOOOOVE science days at our school! If you are in the NC area, you should really look into these guys for next year. We have 3-70 minute sessions in one day. I am always amazed at how many activities the scientists are able to cram into one session and how engaged the kids are with all of the materials and learning opportunities. It's a great way to anchor future learning or future review. "Remember when you did...on your science day?" Let me explain more about that!

Happy Tuesday!

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