Monday, April 22, 2013

~This Week is Jacked Up! Peek @ My Week~

Good Morning Everyone,

I feel like singing "It's 3AM, I must be lonely," but I woke up at 4 am and now it's after 5. And, I'm not lonely :) I am working on writing down my plans for the week because this weekend was not about planning and....this week is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Ever have one of those weeks where your head is spinning from all of the interruptions? Well, this is one of those weeks where I have to write all of that down first and then fill in some holes with the stuff we need to get done.

Since my week is so crazy...(disclaimer: I hope my use of 'Jacked Up' does not offend you. It is a special phrase in my classroom that I am afraid I have taught to all of my students. When they come in and tell me a messed up story, something's not fair, etc. I say, "That is jacked up." Or, when the room is a mess, "This room is jacked up. Please help us get it back together." Wow. What a window into my classroom :)

Here's my list of INSANITY (but it is going to be a fun "insane" week!)
* Monday: Science Fun for Everyone (a day long in-house field trip of 3 science sessions)-If you are in NC, this company is out of Cary. It is super in-expensive. (If you are year-round, you can lock in cheaper prices before August, which is what we did this year!) We invite these guys over twice a year so that students get hands-on science with all of our curricular units. And, since 5th grade science is tested, this is an amazing way to reinforce our concepts.
* Tuesday: Middle School Transition meetings (for students with an IEP). I will be IN and OUT of the classroom! And, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO my kids are still 5th graders, can we please friggin' stop talking about middle school and let me enjoy the end of the year pretending the best class in the world is not going to be leaving me---oh--so--soon? We are also starting our GRADE LEVEL SCIENCE REVIEW rotations and since our week is jacked up, you will see these all over the place instead of during our regular science block. We have each taken a unit to review (or do new experiences/activities, etc) with the kids. We will aim for 3 days of review a week and then two days in our own classrooms to reinforce those concepts and look at test questions. This also means that we get to teach the 3 day rotation 4 times instead of trying to put together all of the review for all of the units ourselves.
* Wednesday: Early Release~students leave at 11:20. I basically break the day into 8-9, 9-10, 10-11 and we get a lot done, but oh, wait....we also have our Scholastic Book Fair time on Wednesday.
* Thursday: Think you are going to get some normalcy here? Nice try! I have an ELA leadership meeting. We work on things like our AH~mazing open-ended reading assessments, talk about tweaks that need to be made for next year. This means SLEEPING IN~a little :) and being FINISHED EARLY as we should be done at 3ish, and I never-eVer-evaH leave school at 3. What-what!  If only I didn't have to make subplans...
* Friday: A REALLY NORMAL DAY, freaking finally. I say we just have a party. Well, we do have our last DARE session on Friday. Which means, I get to hang out in the room and clean, check work, go to the bathroom, etc. like a little bit of extra planning time. On a Friday? Really? :)

I'm sure I have forgot something...I don't even suggest clicking on my plans this week! Unless you want to laugh with me. Nothing is in the right place, everything is moved around, and I'm going to have to take it one day at a time this week.I pretty much feel like I am on vacation from planning. :) I'm sure that will change this afternoon when the science fun is over and I have to make sure I'm ready for Tuesday.

It's going to be a picture-taking kind of day! I'll post some of our science fun for your viewing pleasure later this week! Have a great week everyone!


  1. I'm SO glad that other teachers have the same kind of craziness going on that I do! I feel like I can't even catch my breath there are so many things going on!!

    The other day my kids and I counted 6 times we were interrupted between 7:55 am and 8:15 am. 6 TIMES!

    Please let me make it through May 23rd!

    I Run Read Teach

  2. Shannon, thanks for stopping by! You are such a great follower. Yes, craziness--why at the end of the year, too with so much to do? Although I have had less planning to do this week, I have been exhausted at night! Here's to making it to the weekend :)



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