Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday: Top 2 for 10% off

It's Tuesday and by now, you know what that means: Top 2 Products for 10% off. I hope you can benefit from these two products, one reading and one math product takes the spotlight this week. How exciting!

This week, my highest sold product was:
This packet contains 14 different nonfiction/informational templates, graphic organizers, reading strategies, and bookmarks for a total of 17 pgs worth of nonfiction supports. (This was also one of last week's top products, so I'm showing you two new images this week). Here's the BIG IDEA sticky graphic organizer:
A worksheet to help you scaffold students to deal with texts without subheadings:
 My second most downloaded product this week was: 
This product contains over 33 pages to support your exploration of multiplying with whole numbers. The exploration contains teacher direction/lesson pages for display on the smartboard
and student pages for math journals
If you love the Math Explorations, I have two more in the works and ideas for more, but haven't had time to get them finalized for TPT. Hopefully this weekend, I can upload my Exploration for Factors and Prime Factorization (it's almost ready!!!). I hope you have a great week! We are headed to DC Thursday and Friday for our 5th grade field trip. Meanwhile, I have Tues and Wed night to get the house in order, grab some cat food, and get my students' "History is Interesting!" Feature Articles edited, copied, and ready for our trip.  Send well wishes my way!!! :)

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