Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Currently~Remember Me?

Yes, remember me? It's tamaralynn @ finally checking in to my good ol' blog. It has been a busy quarter, but I won't lie and say I didn't have time to blog...I just chose to spend my free time elsewhere! I have had a million bloggy ideas and now I am on my FALL BREAK!!! CHEER, CHEER, CHEER! Never have I wanted to be on my break so bad as I have for this one. To tell the truth, I think I have the best class in the world right now, but I have SOOOOO wanted extra planning time, blogging time, and creating time that I get when I am on break. Not to mention, I hate to hear the alarm clock go off, and for a few weeks, I can sleep a little later.

What better way to get checked back in to my blog than with a "CURRENTLY" from Farley?

Listening: SILENCE (is GOLDEN? :) Every teacher knows that silence is amazing! It's late and I really haven't watched TV or listened to much of anything today. It's been quite nice!

Loving: ~~~FALLLLLLLLLLL break~~~Nough Said! I'm going on a mini-vacation to Charleston in a few weekends, but hey, the next few weeks are mostly full of vacationing! Cooking, sipping my coffee, blogging, movies, cuddling with my Gracie cat, running, and enjoying slow dinners with good company. :) It's like Saturday every day for the next few weeks!

Thinking: It's WAYYYYYYYY past bedtime and I think I have already messed up my sleep pattern, but I spent the day being pretty lazy! (I give myself a PASS on this "technically" first day of my break!)

Wanting: I have a lot of products on my mind, like my Morning Meeting theme set, some new "Around the USA" math task cards, and other random ideas. I was able to get my Words Their Way Word Searches for Letter Name Alphabetic Spellers finished and uploaded today (so I wasn't SOOO lazy, was I?)

Needing:  Did I mention I teach in North Carolina? I feel like the entire public is tired of hearing teachers complain about pay, but I feel like I am stuck under a glass ceiling that will never move! It has been a tough month with an air conditioner breaking and a trip to the ER (which will cost a few hundred with my fantabulous insurance). I'm tired of struggling, I love teaching, but I need a RAISE!

How I'm Going to LOVE Myself: My personal training membership ran out a few weeks ago and I decided not to re-new. Now I am on my own. I need to run, run, run, and make sure I don't gain. I will be joining a cheaper gym near my school when we return from break, so that will help.
Ummm, did someone say PSL? You know, pumpkin~spice~lattes? How about some PB? pumpkin~beer? I will say that in the past few weeks, I have had two PSL and lots of PB. I LOOOOVE fall, especially the temperature drop, the blue jeans, and the boots!

Yes, I want to blog more, so here's hoping that I can check in at least once a week when 2nd quarter begins.

Head on over to Farley's blog to link up for your own currently or find out how {nearly} every other blogger in the universe is doing! 


  1. Girl..aren't we all needing a pay raise!! : )

  2. I can totally relate with having a handful (or more) of projects that need finished! I'm looking forward to spending a few hours on them this weekend.



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